What is the Image Masking in Photoshop?

Image masking is one of the basic image processing operations. We use it to remove the background of photographs which have blurred edges or hair portions. We can eliminate, extract/detach an object from the rest of the picture using the image masking technique.


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Clipping Path Job ensures that it nurtures all your photo Masking jobs to give you high-quality jobs at very low costs. Your masking requirements handled by thorough professionals to give you unbeatable quality. We bring your world-class services at costs that would be more than welcome.


Masking an image is not an easy task. Masking an image is both time-consuming and strenuous. Our team of hardworking creative artists puts their heart and soul into each Photoshop making jobs they undertake. The level of difficulty in image masking depends on the picture they require to masked as fine detailing.

Even though the complexity of the image masking takes up a great deal of time, you can select the tool required for Photoshop mask accordingly. For example, hair masking is a challenge in image masking that taken on by only the very best in the field. We have Photoshop tools and techniques to do the most the laborious tasks and complete them to perfection.


Hair and Flesh Masking (Hair masking and Fur masking)

The demand for “Hair and Flesh Masking Service” is very high in Photo Editing Service. You need to pay much attention to separate hair and flesh from the background. Hair and the Flesh areas got the most difficult lining and the edges are thinner. By hair masking, we can give a proper shape to the hair of the image and draw a fine lining. Fur masking also works the same way. It helps to remove the fur areas of the object. I do hair and Fur removal uses the “Pen Tool” of Photoshop. I mostly use it in the model, furry cloths, animal skin or doll images.


image masking service


Alpha Channel Masking

Alpha channel masking is one of the long processing services of Photoshop Image Masking. For alpha channel masking, we have to separate the object from the background using the clipping path or Photoshop masking. This image called Alpha. Then the image taken to different channels to edit the brightness, contrast, and exposure. By the alpha channel masking, it is also possible to minimize the size of the image.


The Clipping Path Job team works on huge volumes of image masking and as you well know, practice makes us perfect. If your aim is to impress your clientele with images that take your breath away, it is time to get in touch with us. Send us an email or chat with our teammate you choose and we can bring about a change for the better!