Photography is high in demand in this business world. Photography is one kind of business which you can take it at any age. The photography business is going sky high nowadays. A professional photographer earns a lot by photography. But there are some classifications of photography. These are portraited photography, landscape photography, wedding photography, fashion photography, wildlife photography, art photography, product photography and much more. No age limit is there for photography. Product photography is a recent trend in photography. Since e-commerce business is growing day-by-day, product photography for those e-commerce websites is also in demand. So, the demand for a product photographer is also high.

It is a good way for income for every category of ages. In fact, it is possible to do by school-going teenagers. However, they have to think what they need and how to start a product photography business. A teenager’s mind usually remains vulnerable. They might not know how to make decisions or how to start up. Sometimes they lose their track for their vulnerability. If a teenager wants to start up a business in product photography, here we are discussing how to start a product photography business as a Teenager

At first, we would discuss some essential equipment which is definitely important to start up a product photography business. So here we go


1. A Professional Camera

To be a professional product photographer, the one thing is must is a professional camera. Without a professional camera, it is impossible to click professional photos and be a photographer. You must buy a high-quality DSLR camera and start practicing with the camera. While shooting trials by your camera, you need to know the settings of the camera. Settings of a camera can make a huge difference while learning out product photography. Try shooting from different angles and see how a product and from which angle a product looks good. Cameras like Canon and Nikon are the best cameras with best functions for product photography. Try to buy the latest model in case of building product photography.


  1. Lenses

Only cameras cannot provide you best looking photographs. To get the best photograph of products, you need to have camera lenses. The camera lens helps an object to get focused. Lenses are kind of best friend of the body of a camera. A camera is incomplete without lenses. A lens makes a photograph high quality. But the lens needs the most in product photography. In product photography, the main product should be focused on and highlighted. The more high-quality lens you will use the more high-quality product photo you will get.


  1. Background

A background is one of the most important element/equipment that you need to have during product photography. You have to add a background which matches and compliments the product. A background can be created and pursued in many different ways. The white background for product photography is best unless the product color is also white. You can use curtains or boards as background. For colorful background, you can use colorful curtails or painted walls. Make sure that the background has a solid color. The solid color complements a product at its best. If you try some different background, you can use different color materials such as velvet, cotton, art papers, 3d backgrounds etc.


  1. Lighting

To make a product photo looks better, you need to have a pair of lighting on the set of the shoot. Using lights in a product photography shoot is important to show the product in a better way. Even If the background I dark or there is not enough natural light, the pair of lighting can make a photo bright. You need to buy or hire 1-2 pairs of lighting for shooting for product photography. A pair of lighting does not cost much in the market. So you can buy and store it for further photo shoots.


  1. Reflector

Sometimes, you may not get the proper lighting on the product. So reflector is being used. A reflector helps to give the light directly to the product if the reflector is adjusted rightly between the set of lights and product. Reflectors usually are light in weight. Anyone can hold the reflector while photo shoot. You can even use multiple reflectors for bigger products. Reflectors are cheap in rate in the market. And you can easily get those from any camera shop.


  1. Tripod

Tripod is one of the important elements for doing product photography. While product photography, the photographs might come out shaky and hazy, if the photographer’s hands shake constantly while photography. But there is a solution to this problem. A tripod helps to give a perfect still photo without moving here and there. You do not have to carry the camera in your hand, adjust your camera in the tripod and click photographs without even moving. It saves time and at the same time gives more photographs in a short time.


After finishing photography of the products, you need to market the product photographs to check is your photography is valid and worth to do business with. We will discuss some hack of marketing your product photography and find clients.

i). Create a Website

To start up product photography as a teenager, you need to create a website of your own. It is quite easy to create a website nowadays. You can learn to create a website or spend money to create a website by the professionals. In the website, make a portfolio of your product photographs. Put relevant content and make the website user-friendly. Put some interesting stuff and make sure that the site will keep engaging people. Post your best product photographs on the portfolio so that you can get positive feedbacks and clients.


ii). Make your Product Photography Portfolio by Outsourcing

Outsourcing is in high demand in this communicative world. If you are not able to make your own portfolio, you can hire people from any country to make your portfolio. If the photographs are not impressive enough, you can edit them by outsourcing people or contact with any of the image editing service companies.


iii). Online Social Media

In this digital world, nothing can be better and flexible other than social media. There are many only social mediums like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. You can create your own page on the social sites and post the product photos to start up the business. Post every detail about your product photography and get clients from there.


iv). Find clients by emails

When you are done with portfolio, you should start finding clients by emails. Write an email adding your photography details to the possible client who viewed your website and felt interested. Target one category of clients and send the email. It may help you to get suitable clients for starting your product photography business.


It is not easy to start up a product photography business in a short period of time. You have to be determined and control your vulnerability if you are a teenager. Hold patience and apply these things which we have discussed in this article. Once your product photography business gives a start, your business will keep growing if you promote your business well.

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