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Importance of Clipping Path Services and who needs this most

Clipping Path services are essential when you wish to have some editing works on your images using Photoshop. The perfection of your output mostly depends on handmade clipping path services around the object. The Importance of Clipping Path Service in different sectors are given below: Digital Agency Clipping Path is essential for Advertising agencies, Promotion […]

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Difference Between Clipping Path and Masking

Many people are confused between the use of masking and clipping path to remove the background from an image. The ultimate objective of both these methods is to isolate an object from an image. However, the process used for the isolation process is different in these two methods. Keep on reading this article to learn […]

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Remove objects from your photos

Are you thinking about how to remove objects from your Images? It’s not a very complicated process to remove objects from your images. Photoshop makes it quite easy and simple. At the time you have your images in Photoshop just select the object removing tool. Clipping Path Job (CPJ) is a professional image editing service […]

How do you make Channel Masking or Soft Mask?

What is Channel Masking? By using Adobe Photoshop you can easily make Channel Masking/ Soft mask/Alpha Channel Masking if you know masking techniques very well with CMYK and RGB and also some other essential way to make custom channels then you must do it properly. If you like to make a sophisticated photo then you […]