Images have become a very important part of today’s digital world. We see millions of images around us in everyday life which is being used in many ways. An image looks good when a perfect look if given to the image. Background of the image is the most important part to make an image look better. When you want to make your object looks attractive, you also have to be careful about the background. A cheap looking background can ruin your entire image. A photographer or a company may face a problem with that background. But you can rid of the unwanted background of your object very easily nowadays by going for Background removal services.

It helps you to remove the background of an image and change it according to your requirement. It can also be called image background removal services.  You can remove the background and keep the object constant by going for background removal service. It is also possible to get off from your current background and put an entirely new background and various colors. Doing that, you will get your desired background and the main object will look good and attractive.


8 Categories of Image Background Removal Service


Photo Background Removal Service is also known as Photo Clipping Path Service. There are various kinds of Background removal services which work in different ways and in different kinds of images. Background removal services can be used for a simple image like removing the background a pen to the super complex image like removing the background of a bicycle. Image background removal services are also applicable to garment products.

Basic Background Removal Service

Basic background removal service is the most common background removal services. Usually, the products which have very straight lines or rectangular lines are being clipped. It takes a very less time. Sometimes, it is also possible to make this work done within a minute is the object is small. In basic background removal service, very less number of anchor points is used to remove a background. Suppose you want to remove the background of a square box. You just have to draw the line using 4 anchor points and close that with those 4 anchor points. Within a fraction of a second, the background will be removed.




Simple Background Removal Service

Simple background removal service is not very dissimilar from the basic background removal service. This photo background removal service is 80% similar to the basic background removal service. The shape of the simple objects could be a bit curvy in shape. It may take more time than removing the background of a basic object. Although the simple object might be a bit curvy, it is not very difficult to remove the background of a simple shaped image. A simple object might also consist of a hole which is also called a loop. For an example; if you want to remove the background of a bangle, you have to put multiple anchor points to outside the bangle and you also have to fill the hole of the bangle by some more anchor points.



Medium Background Removal Service

Another major category of the 8 categories of background removal services is Medium background removal service. It is called medium background removal service because the objects of which background is removed are medium in shape. These kinds of objects usually have few curves and sometimes few loops too. Medium background removal service is highly taken and is the most popular background removal services out of all image background removal services.  Removing the background of a medium shaped image might take a longer time than the simple one due to the more curvy shape and the number of loops. Suppose, you want to remove the background of a bracelet which has some curves and some holes. You have to draw the whole curvy outline and fill all the loops by using the pen tool in Photoshop.


Complex Background Removal Service

Complex background removal service is one of the hardest and intensive clipping path services. To remove the background of an object which contains different types of shapes and loops or holes, complex background removal service is used. You might have to draw more than one path to remove the background of a complex object. A designer has to be focused when he/she is working on removing the background of a complex object. The size of the object is usually larger, so the time to remove the background is also taken longer to complete the task. For example, you want to remove the background of a complex object which is a long neck piece having many curves and holes. You have to fill all the holes and draw the outline. The number of the anchor points will also be many in number.


Super Complex Background Removal Service

To remove the background of an object having too many vertical and horizontal curves and uncountable holes along with the transparency, super complex background removal service is used. This photo background removal service is the hardest of all the background removal services. This kind of image is usually bigger in size and many holes which are not countable all the time. The holes also not remain in the same shape. Each hole could be of each different shape and size. What happens in such objects is, people get puzzled while removing the background of those kinds of objects. Super complex background removal services are very time to consume. Sometimes it might take half of your day. Objects like bicycle, trees, group of chains etc. are examples of super complex objects.

Removing Background with Masking

The images which are having hard and delicate edges, background removal service helps to remove the background of those kinds of objects. Image masking is needed to do to remove the background of the object having those delicate edges. Usually, the objects having hair, fur, feather, fabrics etc. need to go through masking first and then for removing the background. Image masking is also a part of background removal services. Suppose you want to remove the background of a doll image which is having a lot of furs, you have to go through masking those areas which are having furs. After masking the furry areas, then take another layer and draw path there. Combine both masked and path areas and the background will be removed.


Removing Background with Ghost Mannequin

Ghost mannequin is another example of background removal. Ghost mannequin service means separating the body of a mannequin or the model of the garment product. Doing that, you will be able to see both the inner and outer side of the garment product which helps the viewers to understand the garment products. When you separate the product from the mannequin, you need to draw clipping mask to remove the mannequin and the entire background. You can also join the neck of the product by ghost mannequin. It is also called Neck Joint Service. Every kind of garment products like shirts, pants, sweaters, skirts, gowns etc. are given for removing the background with ghost mannequin service.


Unwanted Object Removal Service

After shooting, when you found that there are some objects in the image that makes your image look unattractive, it can be fixed by unwanted object removal service. This work is pretty unusual. But it is taking by many clients (Specially Photographers). There are few tricks by which unwanted objects can be removed from an image. By using the pen tool and magic wand tool, you can remove the objects that you do not want to see in the image. For example, there is an image of a building. Near the building, there might be some unwanted objects like some people, cars, garbage etc. These all can be removed by this service.


Who needs Background Removal Service?

Out of all the image editing services, background removal service is the most wanted image editing services. It is taken hugely by the clients all over the world. Clients from many industries of many popular companies are in need of different background removal services to make their object images look good and attractive. Online shopping industry, garment industry, modeling agencies, automobile industry, home appliance company, jewelry store, sports industry, mobile phone industry, printing company, hardware store, car company, real estate industry etc. need background removal service to give a good and appropriate background to their products.  There are millions of these industries in the world who are outsourcing image editing services providers or companies to remove the background of the images.

  1. Apparels Shopping
  2. Electronic Online Store
  3. Automobile Online Store
  4. Online Sports Accessories
  5. Publishing Houses
  6. Portrait Studios
  7. Real Estate Companies


Why the customers are happy by taking background removal service?

Since we have discussed what kind of companies take background removal service and we found a lot of companies who are taking this service and getting beneficial. The companies who are taking this service from us are getting many benefits. First of all, they can get a good image by removing and adding background and impress the customers. The pictures seeing by the customers will attract them and the companies will be able to get their product sold just by showcasing good photographs processed by our designers. The photos also build a brand name of the company who uses this service. So, the customers are happy by taking background removal services from us. There are some other specialties which prove why the clients are satisfied with our work which is given below.

  • Affordable: We are offering our Background removal services at a lower price.
  • Swift: Our experts take very less time to remove the background of images.
  • Professional: Our designers are professional and highly efficient.
  • High performance: We promise high quality works to our clients since our designers deliver 100% quality work.
  • Diverse Services: Handmade clipping path, masking, and other image editing services are provided by us.
  • Flexibility: We share a friendly relationship with our clients which make the working process flexible.

All in all, Background Removal Service proved to be a very famous and great image editing service which holds a strong position in the world of image manipulation. Since we are offering our services with good facilities for the clients, we are happy to hold our clients for a long time. We feel happy when we provide perfect background removal services to our clients and our clients are happy with our performance.

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