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Welcome to, we are an international image editing service provider. Offering a quality service specially Clipping path, Masking, Shadow, Retouching, Image Editing, Image Masking, Images processing, Image Gallery, Image Manipulation, Graphic Design, Image Retouching, Color Correction, Photoshop Masking, Drop Shadow, Photo Retouching, Raster to Vector, Photoshop Clipping Path, Photo Enhancement, Background Remove, Photoshop Color Correction, Image Editing Service & more.

Clipping Path Job is the trusted Image Editing Firm. We charge very simple rate for basic job.

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|FingureBasic Clipping Path for $.50 |FingureSimple Clipping Path for $1.15 |FingureCompound Clipping Path for $2.00 |FingureExtra Compound Clipping Path for $4.00 |FingureComplex Clipping Path for $6.50 |FingureSuper Complex Clipping Path for $8.50 |FingureShadows for $.50 |FingureMasking for $1.00 |FingureNeck Join for $1.50 |FingureCut Contour for $4.00 |FingureManipulation for $7.00 |FingureGlamour Retouch for $8.50

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What is Clipping Path? Why should we use it?

Clipping path is an action is applied on image that needs to be clipped before using in advertisement. It’s a closed vector path is used to cut out or isolate the unnecessary part of an image by Adobe Photoshop. Clipping path is applied if the image goes to be used in advertisement. There are some category names of clipping path, like: Multiple clipping path, silo, color path to name a few. Read More

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What is Layer Mask? Why should we use it?

Masking is a Graphics method used by Adobe Photoshop. To isolate the background part of an image masking is an ultimate choice to the people. The importance of image masking is specially realized if it is hair or glass image. By this process, it’s really easy to make hidden a particular part of a picture or text. Although, masked parts are hidden but is possible to make it appeared if needs them. Read More

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What is Alfa Channel Masking? Why should we use it?

Alfa Channel Masking is also a technique to isolate an intended part from image using Adobe Photoshop. Just like masking, an Alpha Channel method signifies the pixel but the technique is used as different way. We know that every image usually contains three or four color combinations: Like as: Red, Blue, Green Cyan and Magenta,/ Yellow, Black (RGB and CMYK). Read More

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What is Neck Join? Why should we use it?

Neck Joint is also called as image manipulation or image fitting work. It’s a Photoshop based work that intends to show a product properly and meet the customer’s attraction. It is applied for garment products especially for- T-Shirt, Shirt, Jacket, Pant and other product images, if an image contains unnecessary things like: mannequin, dolls or clips.

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